I always wanted to be a therapist. I started young, volunteering as a peer counselor at a shelter for troubled teenagers when I was 14. After graduating NYU with honors, I went on to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology there as well, accumulating years of clinical and research training at NYU, Kings County Hospital, and the Manhattan VA. I loved the VA so much that I stayed for another eight years after completing my internship, working as a health psychologist in primary care and then as the Assistant Director of Outpatient Mental Health. While I was at the VA, I developed and launched a multisite sleep disorders treatment program to help veterans improve their sleep without medication.

I didn’t set out to become a sleep doctor, but my work at the VA truly inspired me. Helping people to reset their sleep, learning to sleep naturally and trust their bodies—even during rough patches—was incredibly rewarding. Early on, it could be hard to find CBT-I providers in the private sector, so I launched NYC Sleep Doctor in 2008. More recently, I added NYC Sleep Consulting LLC as I have expanded beyond mental health services into coaching, my first book, brand partnerships and ambassadorships, speaking engagements, podcasts and other media appearances.

More information about my training and credentials is available on LinkedIn.

The Good Sleeper

A refreshingly straightforward method for training infants to become great sleepers for life, inspired by clinical psychologist Janet Kennedy’s popular psychotherapy practice, NYC Sleep Doctor.

Cry it out or co-sleep? Bassinet or swing? White noise machine or Bach? How many hours anyway? For something so important, there’s too much conflicting information about how best to get your baby to sleep through the night and nap successfully during the day.

Reassuring and easy to understand, The Good Sleeper is a straightforward, no-nonsense answer to one of the biggest challenges exhausted new parents face when they welcome a brand new baby home.

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