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Sleep like a Pro: Simple Strategies for Healthy Sleep

We all know that sleep is essential for good health. But so many of us struggle to get the sleep we need. In this seminar, Dr. Kennedy shares her pro tips to end the cycle of bad sleep, including:

  • Practical strategies to reset your body clock for consistent sleep
  • Pros and cons of sleep aids and supplements
  • Maintaining work/life balance
  • Managing racing thoughts
  • Simple bedtime routines that work
  • Healthy limits for technology and news
  • Finding time for self-care
  • Realistic expectations about sleep, productivity, and more ……plus plenty of time for Q&A

Post-Pandemic Sleep: Adjusting to the New Normal

The intense and prolonged stress of the COVID-19 crisis has brought with it a sleep crisis as well, as more and more people are struggling to get the rest they need. And now, as we navigate reopening and a new normal, sleep is in for another period of adjustment.

In addition to practical strategies discussed in “Sleep Like a Pro,” Dr. Kennedy will cover:

  • Finding consistency with hybrid schedules
  • Sleep performance anxiety before “real” mornings
  • Handling rumination as social demands increase
  • Managing stimulation with effective unwinding
    … Q & A

Brand and Product Development

Thinking of developing new products for the sleep marketplace or positioning your brand as sleep-friendly? Dr. Kennedy will lend her expertise to your brand and product development conference, educating your team on the science and psychology of sleep and assuring that your messaging is accurate.

Custom Seminars

Specific needs? Dr. Kennedy can help.

Dr. Kennedy will happily tailor a seminar to the specific needs of your group. Contact her for details.


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