Up All Night?

Dr. Kennedy can help.

We all know that sleep is essential to health and daily functioning. But when sleep problems arise, our coping strategies can make things worse.

For almost two decades, Dr. Janet Kennedy has been helping people break out of the cycle of bad sleep and all of its debilitating effects without relying on medications.

You don’t have to settle for exhaustion.

A Well-Rested Team is a Productive Team.

Let Dr. Kennedy show them how.

Don’t let restless nights come between your workforce and their best work.

In person or live on video, Dr. Kennedy will teach your employees practical strategies to improve their sleep, including: how to manage racing thoughts; pros and cons of medication and supplements; simple bedtime routines that work; and managing technology as well as work/life balance.

Seeing past the product hype.

Trust Dr. Kennedy's experience.

Countless products on the market (and in our Instagram feeds) promise better sleep. Dr. Kennedy has spent years researching to find products that truly benefit sleep. She is proud to partner with –and simply to recommend– a select group of brands that deliver results.


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