Success Stories

“He has slept through the night every night since the day Dr. Kennedy’s home visit.”

When we called Dr. Kennedy, we were approaching the end of our rope with sleeplessness, but also very conflicted about what it meant to “train” our son to sleep differently. Dr. Kennedy did not come in with a preconceived idea of how aggressively we should change our behavior; she really took our lead on what would work best for us. The plan that she designed for us was very tuned in to our preferences and goals. It has been about four weeks since we began implementing it, and it feels like we are in a different world. Now, we understand how much sleep our son should be getting, and about how often he should be getting it. Now we have tools for when he needs adjustments. He has slept through the night every night since the day Dr. Kennedy’s home visit. His naps, though still a work in progress, are getting much better. And we feel so much more in control of his (and our!) day. I think something we didn’t realize before is that he really needed us to take the lead and guide him on when he should sleep. And Dr. Kennedy showed us how to do that.

– Rachel and Michael

“Not only is he sleeping better, but I am as well!”

When we called Dr. Kennedy, less than a month ago, our 2½ year old son was coming to our bed every night around 12 pm, and would ONLY nap in a moving vehicle (stroller or car) so our weekends were spent driving around Brooklyn during the middle of the day.

Today, within only a few weeks of implementing the sleep plan, our son is sleeping from 8 – 6 in his own bed (which we moved him to during this plan) and naps for 2 hours in his crib every day. Not only is he sleeping better but I am as well!

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kennedy. Not only did her plan work, but she really was there with us the whole way as a supportive guide. Every time issues came up, and setbacks did occur, she would provide advice and work with us to develop customized solutions. She even helped me work with my health insurance company to get some reimbursement. Because she is a clinical psychologist (which many of the sleep consultants are not), many health insurance companies will cover part of the cost.

I would recommend that if you have sleep issues that you would like resolved, it is worth it to contact Dr. Kennedy even just for an initial discussion to see if you think she can help.

– Rachel L.

“We feel like a family again.”

Dr. Kennedy has helped our family FINALLY get the long-lost sleep we have all been desperate for. We began consulting with Dr. Kennedy a few weeks ago, at which time she came to our home to assess our sleeping arrangements and the kids’ sleep patterns. Our 9 month old baby was sleeping in the kitchen in order to separate her from her 3 year old brother, since we were at a total loss as to how to get the 2 of them to sleep together in one room. When we had tried to get them down together it was a disaster–they would wake each other up throughout the night. No one was getting any sleep at all! Also, both our kids were going to sleep very late, and often our baby would end up in our bed with us for the night. Dr. Kennedy helped us devise a plan that gets them both down earlier for the night, regulates our baby’s nap schedule, and finesses their bedtime rituals. In just a few short weeks our kids are now sleeping together in the same room through the entire night! Happily, we are all getting a good night sleep once again, and naps are more predictable during the days too! It has been amazing to work with a professional every step of the way. Dr. Kennedy basically hand-held us through the entire process. We have gone from being sleep-deprived zombies to well-rested energetic human beings! I cannot believe we went so long without Dr. Kennedy’s amazing guidance. We are leaps and bounds from where we were just weeks ago, and we finally feel like a family once again!

– Selina A.

“I am able to sleep through the night without medication.”

When I first started seeing Dr. Kennedy I had been relying on prescription medication to sleep for the past four years. I felt hopelessly trapped and feared that I would never get a good night’s sleep without some sort of prescribed help. In fact, when I first saw Dr. Kennedy, I was worried that my problem was so bad that I would never be able to sleep naturally again. My past attempts at sleeping without the help of a prescription had ended up with a series of stressful sleepless nights.

Dr. Kennedy follows a structured and time-tested process for overcoming the sleep related problems that many people face. However, she worked with me to customize this process to create a sleep plan that would work for me personally. By following this customized plan, I was immediately able to make strides towards sleeping without any sort of aid.

Dr. Kennedy was able to pinpoint my problem and she provided me with simple, realistic solutions to help correct this problem. Her sleep plan took me through a series of short steps that gradually helped me to begin to sleep naturally. Within a matter of weeks I was sleeping naturally and by the end of the program I was sleeping without any medication through the night. I owe Dr. Kennedy my thanks because I would not have been able to beat this problem without her.

– Steve A.

“Dr. Kennedy came to the rescue!”

Dr. Kennedy was a life saver for us! My daughter was a terrible sleeper– she’d wake in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep for hours; her daytime naps were too short and often nonexistent. We were going nuts and life with our overtired baby wasn’t much fun. The attempts my husband and I had made to address the issues on our own had failed twice– we were too unsure of ourselves to really confront the issue and didn’t know the best way to proceed… frankly I was starting to feel hopeless. Dr. Kennedy came to the rescue! She assured us that our daughter *could* and *would* learn to sleep, just like all babies can. She helped us make a plan to start addressing the various day and night sleep issues and coached us through the process–providing specific advice and reassurance at every turn as we tweaked our plan. We saw an immediate improvement in our daughter’s sleep the first week, and over the course of a few weeks our bad sleeper had turned into a great sleeper! She naps without a fight and goes to sleep at night without so much as a peep. Amazing.

Not only is she seeping better, but both my husband and I feel equipped to deal with future sleep problems now that we have some tools and the confidence to deal with these issues. I never thought I’d be the kind of mom to dish out money to a “sleep expert,” but in my opinion, Dr. Kennedy was worth every penny.

– Sarah D. (posted on Yelp!)

“It was quite easy once we had Janet’s help.”

Janet Kennedy is amazing.

We had a two-year-old daughter who refused to sleep. She wouldn’t go to sleep at night without hours of coaxing. She wouldn’t sleep through the night. She woke before dawn most days. Nap times were like an invitation to battle. Our otherwise sweet little girl was driving us crazy.

We brought Janet in to meet with us and our daughter. It turned out we were doing many, many things wrong. But with Janet’s help, we corrected our habits. Within two weeks, we were able to establish a sleep schedule that had our daughter peacefully going to bed, sleeping through the night and even sleeping in some mornings.

It was quite easy once we had Janet’s help. Many of the ideas she gave us were quite counter-intuitive. For example, it turns out that in order to get our daughter to sleep later in the morning we needed to put her to bed earlier at night. Wow!

She saved our sanity. Bed time is now one of the most beautiful times of each day. We love it and our daughter loves it.

If your child has sleep issues, do yourself a favor and hire Janet. She’s the cure.

-John C. (Posted on Yelp!)

“She never sugar coated it, and she was right.”

We started working with Janet Kennedy because our 5 month old would not sleep more than two hours at a time and it was so difficult to get him back to sleep at night and so hard to get him to nap – always an enormous, crazy, crying filled production. We had read every book and tried just about everything and with me working full time, I was going crazy with sleep deprivation. I was really at my wit’s end by the time we turned to Janet. What I loved most about her was that she totally respected where we were coming from, and didn’t try to change our philosophy (we were against crying it out), but worked with us and explored all other options. She did not make any false promises, but gave us her honest, realistic opinion. I decided not to follow all of her recommendations, she was totally cool with that, but also realistic about what she believed we could expect in terms of results. In the end, we did end up doing some abbreviated cry it out, but I never felt pressured by her to try it (unlike some other baby sleep experts that I had consulted with). She never sugar coated it, and she was right, it was a long haul, but we did see progress and in few months, we had a baby who was sleeping easily 10-11 hrs a night.

We have since come to her for help with naps and have been happy with the same gradual, but eventual success. Janet is kind, knowledgeable, and honest. She worked with us, and helped us understand our options and feel confident with our choices. I appreciate they way she structures her work with clients, I felt very comfortable with her and have recommended her to friends. Currently we have a very active, curious, and well-rested 15-month old – and almost as importantly, the parents are well rested too!

-Emily G. (Posted on Yelp!)

“Dr. Kennedy was there for me when I needed her.”

Dr. Janet Kennedy came into our lives when my husband and I were so sleep deprived, we couldn’t think straight. At that time, we had a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old who were both waking up every 3 hours. Dr. Kennedy was recommended to me by a mommy friend and I called her right away. She was so receptive and encouraging that she came to our house within a couple of days after calling her. She came for a home visit, sat with my husband and I for 2 hours and toured our home. By the end of the day we had a plan of action on how to get our girls to sleep through the night. The process was long and very difficult but Dr. Kennedy was there for me when I needed her. We would either talk on the phone, or email each other. After a couple of months I can now say that both my girls are sleeping a solid 11 hours at night, going to bed unassisted, which was my end goal. I HIGHLY recommend her!!

-Jamie E. (Posted on Yelp!)

“Her recommendations really made a significant difference, and quickly, too”

I can’t say enough great things about our experience working with Dr. Kennedy, who helped us with our son’s sleep issues. We found her to be friendly and warm, efficient, and, best of all, knowledgeable about sleep. She visited our home, during which she interviewed us and took a look at my son’s room, then made several recommendations. That same day, she sent us a thorough written report summarizing the issues and recommendations, as well as a sleep log that I could email to her when I had questions or concerns. Her recommendations really made a significant difference, and quickly, too; the day after we met with her and started implementing some them, my son took a 90-minute nap, which was unheard of before we met with Dr. Kennedy. His naps continued to lengthen, and his nighttime sleep improved, too, all because of the recommendations Dr. Kennedy provided. Anytime I contacted her with questions, she was quick to respond and very helpful. I am happy to say that my son is now able to fall asleep by himself, nap for 1-2 hour stretches, and sleep through the night for 11-12 hours, a fact I credit to working with Dr. Kennedy. I definitely recommend her for anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep.

-Carolyn K. (Posted on Yelp!)

“Now our son is a rockstar sleeper!”

Janet Kennedy was tremendously helpful to my husband, myself and our son. Our son was an active and easily stimulated little guy who by 4-5 months old always awoke from naps (crying and still tired) after 30 min, had difficulty falling asleep on his own and was having frequent night wakings with little ability to be soothed (or soothe himself) back to sleep. I went to one of Janet’s sleep clinics and engaged her to help customize solutions for my family. She did a great job of quickly diagnosing our challenges and recommending solutions that were a good fit for our personalities/lives. She stuck with us as we tried the solutions and helped us tweak along the way, and now our son is a rockstar sleeper. We have even gone back to her here and there as we hit different bumps in the road and she has been a great support and true coach. Her services are invaluable and I recommend her to everyone I know who is wrestling with sleep challenges in their family. It is so helpful to have an expert outside party look in and help coach you along the way…especially when you’re in the midst of sleep deprivation and the downward shame spiral that new parents in particular can experience when faced with challenges meeting their family’s basic needs (sleep!).

-Christine A. (Posted on Yelp!)

“She helped us get our guy back on a sane schedule.”

I had read all the sleep training books, but when it came to my early waker, nothing was working. We called in Janet Kennedy, and she helped us get our guy back on a sane schedule. It wasn’t an overnight fix, but she worked with us as we made small, gradual adjustments until we got the results we were looking for. We’ve even called her when we needed a “tune-up”. I recommend Janet to everyone I know with sleep issues!

-Laura F. (Posted on Yelp!)

“She probably saved our marriage”

Dr. Kennedy helped turn our chronically over-tired and cranky baby into a dream child. Our boy hadn’t slept for months and with her help, he now sleeps 12 hours a night and lives a charmed life. Not only did Dr. Kennedy turn our son’s life around but, in all honesty, she probably saved our marriage as well – when a baby doesn’t sleep, no one in the house does, which makes for tense times, to say the least.

But no more! Thanks, Janet!

-Gabriel P. (Posted on Yelp!)