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Dr. Kennedy is profiled as “Coach of the Month.”

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Dr. Kennedy’s simple tips for better sleep.

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Dr. Kennedy discusses sleep positions.

“5 Couple Sleep Dilemmas, Solved”
Real Simple, Fall 2014
Dr. Kennedy discusses getting better sleep as a couple.

9 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster (Without Counting Sheep)”
Yahoo Health, March 2015
Dr. Kennedy’s tips for falling asleep fast.

“13 Tips for the Best Nap Ever”
The Daily Beast, August 2014
Dr. Kennedy discusses how to get the most out of naps.

“How to Sleep Better at Night.”
Better for You, January 2013
Dr. Kennedy discusses simple sleep fixes.

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Epicurious, November 2013
Dr. Kennedy discusses how diet affects sleep.

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Dr. Kennedy discusses sleep with Andrew Shue.

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Redbook, March 2011
Dr. Kennedy discusses the importance of unplugging

“Your Midnight Cowboy”
Parents Magazine, November 2010
Dr. Kennedy’s tips for teaching your baby to sleep through the night.

SelfAugust, 2016

“Sleep Training at 8 Weeks: ‘Do You Have the Guts?'”
The New York Times, Motherlode, March 26, 2015
The Good Sleeper is noted as a resource for scientific information on the safety and efficacy of cry-it-out sleep training strategies.

The Coveteur, January 2016

“Parents Turn to Sleep Counselors for Their Children”
Fox 5 News, May 20, 2012
Dr. Kennedy discusses infant sleep consultations.

“Remedies for Sleep Problems”
NY Press, March 8, 2011
Dr. Kennedy discusses medication versus therapy to treat sleeplessness.

“Expert Advice: Eat, Play, Sleep”, February 18, 2011.
Dr. Kennedy’s tips on babies’ sleep schedules and travel.

“Why Do Women Always Fall Asleep During Movies?”, November 2011
Dr. Kennedy’s opinion about why women fall asleep watching movies.

“Addicted to Being Awake”
Encyclopedia Britannica Blog, January 2011
Dr. Kennedy discusses CBT for insomnia.

“Tips for Graduating from Bassinet to Crib to Big-kid Bed”, September 20, 2011
Dr. Kennedy’s advice on transitioning from the crib.

“Swaddles to Sleep Sacks”, November 1, 2011
Dr. Kennedy discusses how to keep babies safe and warm in the crib, from swaddling to sleep sacks—and beyond.