Classes & Seminars

Dr. Kennedy is available to provide the following seminars:

For new and expecting parents: Raise a Good Sleeper

Starting early will allow your child to grow into a good sleeper, avoiding many of the heartaches and struggles of sleep training later on. This class teaches the fundamentals of raising a good sleeper from birth. You will learn:

• The basics of infant sleep patterns
• How to make sure your child is well rested
• Soothing techniques for fussy babies
• How to help your child learn to put herself to sleep
• How to avoid excessive crying
• How to address sleep problems as they arise
• …and how to keep the whole family well rested!

For parents of toddlers: Raise a Good Sleeper, Toddler edition

As babies start outgrowing their cribs, speaking their minds, and reaching new milestones, toddler sleep issues arise. This class covers basic methods for handling this time of transition and instilling healthy sleep habits for years to come.

Topics include:

• Transitioning from crib to bed
• Early wakings
• Night wakings and wanderings
• Bedtime routines and battles
• Sharing a room with a sibling

For adults: Simple Steps to Improve Your Sleep

When individuals have trouble sleeping, their coping strategies often make matters worse. Dr. Kennedy will share her secrets to solving sleep problems in adults by changing behaviors, schedules, routines, and thoughts. Learn how to sleep well naturally.

For teens and tweens: Take Charge of Your Sleep (and get your parents to back off!)

As children get older, their sleep needs change. Dr. Kennedy’s Take Charge of Your Sleep seminar is tailored by age group (8-13 and 14-18) to empower kids to take responsibility for healthy sleep habits. Teens and tweens often don’t know how their habits are undermining their sleep–and they don’t want to hear it from their parents. Dr. Kennedy’s approach is straightforward and never condescending.

Topics include:

  • The basic science of sleep, biorhythms and melatonin.
  • Strategies to create boundaries between the stress of the day and bedtime.
  • How to handle stress that creeps into the night and disrupts sleep.
  • Setting up good sleep habits.
  • Communicating with parents about sleep needs and habits.

For new parents returning to work: Finding Sleep and Sanity as a Working Parent

Adjusting to life as a working parent can be rocky at times, especially when everyone is exhausted. Once the baby is sleeping better, parents often struggle to return to their normal sleep patterns—or establish better sleep habits now that life is more challenging. Dr. Kennedy will discuss strategies to help you get the sleep the need.

Topics include:

  • Work/life balance
  • Managing racing thoughts
  • Simple bedtime routines that work
  • Finding time for self-care
  • Realistic expectations about sleep, productivity, and more
  • Working with your partner as a team.